“Green Out is sonic gold and a true celebration of finding your sound, and that sound is an explosion of surf infused pysch rock glory.”

- BeatRoute Magazine


Lazy Ghost is a remarkably talented band from Whistler, BC. Their music is a rich tapestry of surf, psych and indie rock. They seamlessly fuse together the best elements of each genre to create their unique sound. Their lyrics are honest, brazen and bold, they come straight from the dusty basements of their bleeding hearts. The musicality is complex yet accessible, you can easily get lost in the depths of their music.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Kyle Leeming is originally from Australia, drummer and songwriter Evan Camm grew up in Ottawa.  The two formed Lazy Ghost in 2016 after a fateful meeting in the small and gorgeous winter wonderland of Whistler, BC. They recorded their first full-length album Waves Waves Waves Waves, a generous collection of brilliant songs. They toured the album in Australia and gathered quite the following of adoring fans. Leeming now lives in the desolate yet beautiful town of Squamish, BC while Camm still resides in Whistler. The two music marvels are the primary members of the band. They write all of their material together and their astute skills are complementary to another. They are now joined by the talented guitarist Jay Booth and Bassist Jon Allan, elevating their music into a noisy carnival of sound.

Lazy Ghost recently released their eccentric and addictive EP Green Out. It is an incredible body of work that showcases their refreshing approach towards music. It’s fun, wild and enthralling, much like the men behind the work. They don’t take themselves too seriously yet take music very seriously. This is a rare dichotomy that is wonderfully apparent in their music. They have truly found their sound in this goldmine of a record.

The band performs incessantly in Whistler and perform notoriously face melting and brain-bending concerts to sold-out crowds. Their avalanche of hair sways back and forth while generating rock and roll lullabies and psych rock opuses. Their music feels lived in, intimate and real. Their sound takes you on a scenic walk through the various corners of their profound minds and ferocious spirits. The best part is Lazy Ghost is just getting started and are certainly one to watch.


Latest release -     Green Out EP

Latest release -

Green Out EP